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Workpiece holders

Special workpiece holders are required for high-quality embossing. These hold the part in optimal alignment, at the "embossing level". They support the material to be embossed in the embossing area and prevent the embossing surfaces from bending during the embossing process. Optimal embossing results can only be achieved with a suitable workpiece holder.We supply complete solutions for mould-adapted silicone tools that are used mainly in the plastics industry. We manufacture workpiece holders for embossing tools with positioning pins for short set-up times and edge-sharp embossing. On request, we can emboss pilot series for you.

  • Mould-adapted workpiece holders
  • Bottle embossing moulds
  • 2K resin casting


Mould-adapted workpiece holders

Workpieces must be held securely in their position and in their alignment by means of mould-adapted holders. Peyer Tooling produces high-quality workpiece holders for silicone tools.

Bottle embossing moulds

Special part holders are required for high-quality embossing on bottles. Bottle embossing moulds are closed embossing moulds for embossing PET bottles. By filling the bottle with air, stability is created, which prevents the flexible bottle giving way during the embossing process. The stamp can be made of brass or silicone and is pressed onto the bottle using air pressure. In the event of wear or damage, stamps can easily be replaced. 

2K resin casting

In the case of embossing materials that have very complex shapes, workpiece holders are made from 2K resin casting in order to guarantee optimal fixing and support. The round-against-round process allows for very high speeds and absolute precision.