Graphics industry 

With the high-quality tools from Peyer Tooling, almost all materials from the graphics industry can be embossed. Whether foil or blind embossing – we manufacture the right tools for every refinement. Peyer Tooling ensures short delivery times through optimally coordinated processes, thus contributing to the customer's production reliability. All tools can be reproduced. Due to the high quality of the tools, a special edge definition is achieved. The particularly high-quality refinement gives our customers' products a touch of luxury and often influences purchase decisions. Thanks to particularly precise refinement, the products increase in value and therefore added value is achieved at the POS. Applications in the graphics industry are:

  • Folding boxes
  • Labels
  • Commercial printing

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Optical and haptic effects

Printing refinements are suitable for targeted optical and haptic effects. Peyer Tooling produces tools for foil refinement and blind embossing.

Folding boxes, labels and commercial printing

When refining packaging and labels as well as commercial printing, precise tools, exact edge definition and absolute accuracy are the basis for perfect results. With Peyer Foils and Peyer Tooling – all under one roof - we guarantee short delivery times and best results.