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Silicone stamps for the glass and plastics industry are available in Shore hardnesses ranging from 30 - 90°. Silicon stamps compensate for unevenness on the printing material's surface and are suitable for very fine to flat applications. The special vulcanised sandwich coating made of two different silicone hardnesses ensures optimal distribution of pressure. The harder layer touches the material to be embossed and guarantees edge definition; the softer layer adapts flexibly to the material to be embossed and protects it.

A distinction is made between different tool shapes:

  • Flat and curved embossing tools
  • Mask stamps
  • Silicone-coated wheels, rollers and round segments
  • Magnetic sheets with silicone coating
  • Silicone plates


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Flat embossing tools

Flat embossing tools are suitable for the roller embossing of cylindrical, conical and oval parts and for embossing flat parts. This technique is used primarily for embossing tubes, eyeliners, lipstick tubes, caps or technical parts with smooth surfaces.


Curved embossing tools

Curved embossing tools are suitable for embossing convex, concave and free forms. The aluminium body (blank) is adapted to the part to be embossed for optimum pressure and heat distribution. This type of embossing tool is particularly suitable for toothbrushes, watch cases, screw caps, emblems and radiator grilles.

Mask stamps

Mask stamps help to increase stability during the embossing process. This tool is particularly suitable for bottle embossing in the rolling process.

Silicon-coated wheels, rollers and round segments

Silicone-coated wheels, rollers and round segments are used for full-surface embossing and are available in many different Shore hardnesses. Silicone tools are particularly suitable for fast embossing processes because the rotary process is used. Since this process works with line contact, even large areas can be embossed with absolute precision. Depending on the material to be embossed, rollers and wheels can have a profile or be manufactured conically. Wheels and rollers can also be engraved. Wheels, rollers and round segments are, for example, used for continuous profiles, glass bottles and applications. Round segments are particularly suitable for high-speed machines in the area of tubes and screw caps.

Magnetic sheets with silicone coating 

For magnetic sheets with a silicone coating, the silicone coating is on a thin steel sheet. The sheet is mounted quickly and precisely using a magnetic cylinder. Magnetic sheets with silicone coating are suitable for fast running tube machines. It is used primarily for the embossing of surfaces and text applications. Larger areas can be embossed without any problems, since linear contact is used and there are no air pockets.